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Atlantic Watches
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Grovana Watches
Swiss Alpine Military Watchs
TACS Watches
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The ATLANTIC was designed for people with strong personality, always pursuing their goals.

Today ATLANTIC watches are no longer meant only for the upper classes. The company has undergone a reorganisation process but maintains a high product quality, making it available to a wider consumer audience, with models not found in any other Swiss lines, Atlantic is certainly worth a look.

The roots of the EPOS Company date back to 1925. In that year, James Aubert founded the watch company James Aubert SA in the Vallée de Joux, well known as the center of the mechanical watch world. James Aubert was an enthusiastic mechanical watch engineer, who dedicated his life to developing new watch mechanisms. He was a master of his art and spent most of his efforts focusing on technical developments of chronographs and minute repeaters.

For over one hundred years, the watch manufacturer Schwarz Etienne has endeavoured to transform its century-old tradition into a watchmaking art which is constantly evolving. From the beginning of the 20th century to this day, its motto has never failed; Schwarz Etienne has been in movement since 1902, following an extraordinary, uninterrupted industrial trajectory.

For more than 135 years Edox has been one of the most traditional watch manufacturers in Switzerland. Specialised in the production of waterproof timepieces 

Only a few companies in the Swiss watch industry can look back on such a long tradition as Revue Thommen. The company, Revue Thommen, was founded in 1853 by Gedeon Thommen and it developed into one of the leading companies in this sector.


In the early days, only wristwatches and pocket watches were produced. They relied exclusively on their own movements. Around 1920, Revue Thommen also decided to start producing instruments for the aviation industry.

For the past 65 years, Alfex has attached the utmost importance to design and is consistently guided by Swiss standards of quality. The company was founded in 1948 and has worked since then to create a brand which revolutionises traditional watch concepts. Design has been a top priority and a central value of Alfex from the outset. The brand is based in the canton of ticino and has already won a number of international design prizes.

Watch movement manufactures since 1924. The company has a along history of manufacturing not only watch movements but complete lines for the international watch companies. Now they have a comprehensive line of their own, boasting a 3 year international Swiss guarantee. 

Grovana is definitively worth a second look.


Launched in 2002, Grovana offers an independent new sports collection.  That is the “Swiss  Alpine Military”. 
It is a private label carried by Grovana.  The line presents a  fusion of sport and fashion. With a clean sporty look, and boasting Grovana's amazing 3 year warranty, this is the choice of many sports people.

"The Story of Tacs begins with Journey of Yoshiaki Motegi (Yoshi), a Japanese Gentleman, who has humanity in life style and working for watch design development and travels for all over the world for 40 years.

Through his life work, there was a place to relax for him from rush and swift timing world. During the long journey for business trip he started to imagine the idea of Implication of surrounding elements to be minimalised timepiece. It comes from his passion towards fulfilling the comfortable sensation.
He believed the design should not be too direct to applied essence; the procedure starts from how to break down to simple and modest way with remaining its uniqueness" - according to Tacs

Welcome to the world of Jean-Christophe MARESCHAL, 

who invented the concept of thematic design.
His artistic expression is based on imagination, poetry and an obsession for detail.
The AKTEO watch collection, is inspired by your life, passions and dreams. There are nearly 300 timeless models to choose from, all made in Besançon, France.

The creative approach is unique in the world of watchmaking and is driven by humour, poetry and, no doubt… a hint of magic.

Luminox Watches

The unique combination of stealth and visibility is also why U.S. Air Force F-117 Nighthawk™ pilots requested Luminox watches. Luminox watches have always been essential equipment. If a watch is durable enough for the world’s toughest elite forces, it will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use. Explore this year’s collection of Luminox timepieces and see for yourself.

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, F-117 Nighthawk stealth jet pilots, other elite forces and professional divers. Luminox watches glow up to 25 years in any light condition, they are, Always Visible.  Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss Made Luminox is the ultimate gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoors men and other peak performers.

Muhle Watches

This company, which was founded in 1869, was threatened by world wars, socialism and expropriation. So today we can say with pride that the name "Mühle" has stood for precision and precision measuring for five generations already.

Our story started with the manufacture of measuring instruments, and nowadays we develop time measuring instruments. After all, it is the foundation of what Mühle stands for today: elementary time measurement.

Meinstersinger Watches

MeisterSinger’s one-handed timepieces are the result of decades of investigation into the history of watches. In the vocal schools of the receding Middle Ages, only those who were able to strike a new, unprecedented tone were pronounced to be Meistersingers. Similarly, MeisterSinger watches strike a new note in watch concept and design. Classic, ageless, and yet amazingly contemporary!

The Official Swiss Railway clock is an icon of modern time-telling. In the years since its 1944 release, it has achieved a particularly beloved place in global design recognition.  Since 1986, the Swiss watch brand Mondaine has been the official licensee. With an original clock blueprint, Mondaine has minimized the design and applied it to wristwatches with authenticity. 

Glycine Watches

Since its founding by Eugène Meylan in 1914, Glycine has been producing watches at its factory in Bienne, Switzerland.

As a pioneer in the field of world time watches since 1953, Glycine has continuously developed its AIRMAN line and today offers a smart selection of aviator watches to professionals and amateurs.

Through the quality of our products and a reliable network of after-sale service, we at Glycine are continuing a ninety-year tradition of excellence in the art of watchmaking.

Adina Watches

Adina is Australia's only watch brand that designs and assembles its complete watch collection here in Australia. 
The brand was started in 1971 by watchmaker and current managing director Bob Menzies in response to demand for watches that would withstand the rigours of the Australian way of life.

Classique Watches

Innovative timepieces whose components are the highest of Swiss quality, Classique watches possess a distinctive and unmistakable personality. Fashions may change, but Classique watches retain that unique characteristic of ageless validity. 
Classique’s wide range of watches include his & hers dress watches (including the latest of European design), ladies fashion watches, solid gold watches, opal watches, marcasite watches, divers watches, chronographs as well as pocket and pendant watches.

Cactus Watches

Created in Australia in 2006, the Cactus brand of watches for kids and teens is inspired by the Australian landscape – the wide-open spaces, the beautiful surf beaches, the modern cities and the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The design team have more than 30 years of watchmaking experience and believe that children want clean, fresh, colourful designs and quality products suitable for an active lifestyle

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