When your timepiece requires servicing, our team of watchmakers will take it through its required maintenance, making sure it comes back to the reliability you expect from a timepiece. 



Before servicing starts, your watch and its movement are examined meticulously by our watchmaker who decides on what, if anything, has to be done. You receive an estimate for approval before work starts. If you have bought the watch into our service centre, and decided not to give a go ahead on the repairs, there will be small fee of $10. If the work is to proceed there is no further charge then the quotation price. 



Once the strap or bracelet has been removed from the case, the watch is opened and the movement is removed, entirely dismantled and washed. The movement components are examined meticulously and replaced if they show signs of premature wear or risk affecting the operation of the mechanism. Seals are removed from the case. 



Every movement component is placed in special washing containers designed specifically to avoid scratching, then in ultrasonic baths to be degreased and cleaned fully, using a four step cycle, with special formulated cleaning and degreasing solutions.



Lubrication is essential for your mechanical watch to run properly and guarantees correct operation, it limits the friction between the mechanical parts, thereby reducing energy losses and wear. When assembling the movement, depending on the level of mechanical complication, the watchmaker can use up to a dozen different oils and greases, determined by the sliding and chemical stability coefficients specific to each component.

We also employ the use of epilame quite heavily this ensures that the movement of your timepiece will continue to perform accurately.



The watchmaker runs your watch for 24 hours to stabilize all its moving components. This ensures its accuracy. He then adjusts the inertia of the balance dynamically and thus its isochronism in the required positions as per the technical guide for your movement, simulating the normal wear of the watch. The rate results must comply with the manufacture’s standards and tolerances.

Quartz watches are tested for a period of 24 hours. All watches are rotated on the cyclomat to simulate the normal movement of the wrist to ensure correct time keeping.



Just like the movement, the case and bracelet are examined in detail. We may offer to refinish the case and bracelet. Other surfaces are polished or brightened depending on the level and depth of marks to be corrected. All bracelets are ultrasonically cleaned using special solutions designed just for this purpose. They degrease, clean and sanitize, all casing components. We also offer case and bracelet polishing as a separate stand alone service for our customers.



Once the dial and hands are fitted to the movement, It is then inserted delicately into the case and secured, depending on the model, with a casing ring. A new crown (where applicable), seals and, for chronograph models, push buttons or seals are fitted to keep your watch water resistant. After a final visual inspection, the watchmaker completes the casing up by screwing down or pressing the case back in. Divers watches are closed using a special machine to ensure an adequate seal. 



The watch case is rigorously tested to ensure it meets pressure-resistance requirements. The three-step process, a vacuum test, a compression test and a condensation test – will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the case. 



Rigorous quality checks are carried out at each stage of the servicing process. During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance of your watch are verified one last time against manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality. One of the machines we employ for this is the Elma cyclomotion, it works to simulate the customers wrist movements, thus helping us to determine the final time keeping accuracy of the watch and power reserve in the automatic watches.



Work carried out during a complete overhaul is covered by our 12 or 24 months warranty. We have upgrade our warranties to 24 months on services on Omega and other selected models of Longines, Rado and Tissot watches. Anomalies caused by normal wear and tear, anomalies relating to a shock, abnormal use, incorrect handling, work carried out on the watch by someone other than A.J. Watch Repairs or an Authorized Repair Center (in the case of the brands we are an authorized repair center for), or failure to observe the recommended water-resistant handling or service intervals are not covered by the service warranty.

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