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AJ Watch Repairs

In the world of mechanics, anything assembled of small parts which are capable of maintaining 99% accuracy would be considered a top-tiered piece of machinery. To put things in perspective, if a watch is only 99.9% accurate it would be off by 1 minute and 27 seconds per day.


A.J. Watch Repairs was founded in 1996.

As a family-owned and operated enterprise, our commitment lies in delivering top-tier service to our esteemed clientele.

The intricate mechanism of a mechanical watch comprises over 150 moving components, underscoring the necessity for skilled expertise when repairs are due. At A.J Watch Repairs, our adept team of watchmakers specializes in the meticulous repair, maintenance, and restoration of your cherished timepieces.

With over four decades of dedicated service, we are Canberra's most relied-upon watchmaking establishments. Access to premium watch parts and equipment sourced from esteemed Swiss and German manufacturers empowers us to undertake tasks that others find challenging.

Our watchmakers are rigorously trained, holding Swiss accreditation in both contemporary and traditional techniques. It's this expertise that earns us the trust of various government bodies and private enterprises alike.

Housed within our purpose-built service center is an authorized service point for numerous brands across Australia and New Zealand. Rest assured, your timepiece will receive service in strict adherence to the original standards and techniques set forth by the manufacturers. This alliance grants us access to technical manuals, genuine parts, as well as specialized tools tailored to specific calibers and brands.

Our facility boasts water-resistant testing capabilities ranging from -50 bar vacuum to 125 bar, a rarity in Australia and exclusive to Canberra.


We take immense pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, hence, we offer a comprehensive 12 to 24-month guarantee with every service rendered.

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